At Lizzie’s Bake Shop, LLC, we take immense pride in our custom cakes, each one meticulously handcrafted, homemade, and baked fresh.

The delightful details about our cake offerings are:
Single and Multi-Tiered Cakes:
  • Our 4", 6", and 8" cakes consist of three layers, each approximately 5" in height.
  • The 10" cakes are two layers, also around 5" in height.
  • All of our cakes are adorned with our signature American buttercream icing.
Letter and/or Number Cakes:
  • These cakes are two layers, approximately 12" in length.
  • Just like our other cakes, they are beautifully adorned with our signature American buttercream icing.
We currently do not offer fondant covered cakes and kindly request a 2 weeks’ notice for all custom cake orders. Rush orders placed at the last minute will incur an additional fee.

Ready to place your order? Visit our Cake/Cupcake Order Form🍰 and let’s create something sweet together!

Please note that while we welcome inspiration photos, including our own work, these serve as inspiration only, and we cannot guarantee that the final confectionery item(s) will be an exact match.  
                                       Strawberry Crunch (Vanilla cake filled with strawberry preserves and strawberry crunch mix and layered with cream cheese buttercream and wrapped in a strawberry crunch mix)